Welltech CO2 scrubber  (CO2 Purifier) is designed to absorb the CO2 from air to keep the chamber's CO2 level at low level

Direct CO2 absorption

During training/ exercise, the CO2 breath out from the athletic is more than 5000ppm. Without the CO2 scrubber, the CO2 level in the chamber can goes to 7000ppm in very short time.  It is not healthy to athletic.   Normal accepts level during exercise is <2000ppm.  

Welltech's CO2 scrubber comes with different capacity and size to fit customer's space.  The scrubber can put inside the chamber or outside the building.

The CO2 scrubber has regeneration function, once it absorb the CO2 and saturate, it can be regened and re-use. Regeneration procedures is safe and fast.

Working Principle

  • Filtering

  • Regeneration
  • Air passing the purifier , CO2 will
  • be captured by the catalyst
  • During regeneration, high
  • concentrate CO2 will be purged out


  • Athlete Training
  • Research Analysis
  • Rehabilitation Research
  • Hypoxic Training
  • Hypoxic Sleeping Rm

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