Welltech CO2 scrubber comes with different capacity for different application.


  • LCD touch screen Programmable control
  • Different filtering method
  • Single or multi-units operation
  • User friendly operation
  • Safe & reliable


  • Model: CS-300 , 300L [can absorb 300L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-800 , 800L [can absorb 800L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-1000 , 1000L [can absorb 1000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-2000 , 2000L [can absorb 2000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-5000 , 5000L [can absorb 5000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • custom design for larger chamber or more athletics usage


Model CS300 CS800 CS1000 CS2000 CS5000
before regen
300L 800L 1000L 2000L 5000L
Air flow rate 300CMM 400CMM 400CMM 800CMM 2000CMM
Power supply 220-240V single phase 220Vac single phase or 3 phase 380V to 415Vac
Regeneration time 2-4 hours